FAQs about ajitoya

Any FAQs about ajitoya and the shop can be read here below

Do we need to book a table?
It’s a good idea – call 9687 1027

  • We only take bookings up to 6 max, and never more than this
  • We’re a small shop with a more home style intimate feel – we’re certainly not a restaurant
  • We don’t book the tables curbside – they are always left available for walk-ins

Are you licensed?
Yes we have a General Liquor Licence for 50 pax for on-premises and packaged takeaway.
We are not BYO.

Do you do gluten free?
We don’t do a lot of gluten free dishes but with a days notice, we can usually adapt a few of our dishes to accommodate gluten free requirements…
Check here for the menu

Do you have vegetarian and/or vegan options?
Good question. What may appear to be vegetarian or vegan, actually might not be because Japanese cooking uses a lot of fish stock as well as kombu.
Check here for the menu

Do you do sushi?
Yes we do. It’s a day time thing.

Do you do catering?
We can make up sushi platters for small to medium events and lunches and need some notice.
Drop in to the shop or call 9687 1027 to discuss pricing and options. We don’t cater parties or events or big functions.

Can I call for takeaway?
Yes and we can give you a time for pick up. But please note sometimes our little shop runs very busy and we’ll have to throttle back the takeaway orders.

Do you do dessert?
We do quite a few desserts, in fact our desserts list has grown to become it’s own menu.

Do have baby chairs?
We don’t right now… it’s a space/storage thing… most regular customers bring their own to suit.

Can we split the bill?
Splitting a bill is totally fine, until it gets a bit silly, you’ll know when that is.

How many people can sit at your shop?
We have a General Liquor Licence for 50 people that includes packaged Liquor for those who want to take home a few Japanese Craft Beers