Cook & Kitchen Jobs at Ajitoya


Cook/kitchen role and add us to your growing list of work experience. We don’t care about your background, as long as you love home-cooked style Japanese food as much as we do. But it would be extremely useful if you liked Japan, its culture, people and food… just saying…

Send your CV/Resume` with a cover letter on why you’d like to work with us to
maya [at] (and replace the [at] with @)
  • Home-cooked style Japanese food – for real
  • Learn, grow and contribute in a supportive kitchen environment
  • Get paid – we’re serious, you work = you get paid – it’s as simple as that

The job

  • Experience working in a kitchen is very important
  • Especially cooking, this is a cooking position – so cooking is a must requirement
  • Familiar with Japanese food is an absolute must
  • Working around a rotating schedule over 3-5 days
  • Ok to work some weekends and evenings – of course, it’s hospitality work

About you

  • You understand & deliver hospitality, in the true sense of the word – ask us more about this
  • You work well in a team and appreciate the quiet times and busy times
  • Work with the floor team to ensure a smooth line of service – you might even have to deliver a dish or 2
  • Reliable, honest punctual and productive

Important stuff

We know you won’t work here forever, and that’s ok. This is one of those jobs you need to approach knowing you are going to commit time and challenge yourself, minimum 6 months. You will leave Ajitoya one day with loads of experience working in a Japanese kitchen and picking up a few new tricks of the trade, and even making a few new contacts and friends along the way maybe. It takes time to adapt to a new job and grow with the team, so give it a go – like a proper go.

These positions are open to everyone. International workers will of course need a relevant visa and it would be most helpful to know the expiry date.

It would be most helpful if you have your Tax File Number (TFN) / Australian Business Number (ABN) / and Superannuation details handy for documenting. Pay is commensurate with skill and experience so bring your A-Game.

Please do not call or drop in, we are probably in the middle of service and can’t chat easily at that time, even though we want to. Send your CV through first and we’ll have a read and give you a call to catch up.